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Operations Awards

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Ames Laboratory is comprised of exceptionally talented and accomplished individuals who deserve recognition. The Laboratory has formed an Operations Awards Committee whose purpose is to:

  • Increase awareness of and encourage nominations for prospective employee awards
  • Create a repository of and serve as a resource for information about such awards
  • Develop materials that will aid in award nomination submissions
  • Perform review and submission of award nominations
    Left to Right: Susan Elsner, DMSE; Kara Nady, Accounting; Hiliary Burns, Training and Documents; Jane Hahn, Facilities & Engineering Services; Steph Boersma, Budget (Chair); Sofia Ingersoll, Director’s Office

Reasons to Celebrate





Hiliary Burns: 2019 P&S Council CYtation Award Winner

Sarah Morris-Benavides: Recipient of the 2019 Director's Operations Excellence Award

Molly Granseth: 2018 P&S Council CYtation Award Winner

Sarah Wiley: 2018 P&S Council CYtation Award Winner

Shawn Nelson: Recipient of the 2018 Director's Operations Excellence Award

Andrea Spiker: 2018 Graduate of the Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program

John Lawson: Recipient of the 2017 Director's Operations Excellence Award

Julia Sager: 2017 P&S Council CYtation Award Winner

Iver Anderson, David Byrd, Ross Anderson & Emma White:  2017 FLC Mid-Continent and Far West Regions Excellence in Technology Transfer Award

Deb Covey: 2016 Technology Transfer Professional of the Year

Erin Hurd: Master's Degree in Business Administration - Estimated Graduation Spring 2019; Master of Accounting with specialization in Global Business - Estimated Graduation Fall 2019

Julia Sager: Pursing a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering - Estimated Graduation Spring 2019 

Sarah Morris-Benavides: Pursing a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies with an emphasis in Physical/Biological Sciences - Estimated Graduation December 2020

Mike Henley: Currently taking management courses at Iowa Central Community College

Morgan Ricke: Pursing a Master's Degree in Business Administration - Estimated Graduation Spring 2021

Matt Dahlsten: Earned his Master's degree in Public Adminstration

Julia Sager: Completed her certificate in Instructional Design