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Ames Laboratory hosts quantum materials workshop

Rob McQueeney, Division of Materials Science and Engineering, (515) 294-7712
Alissa Brammer, Ames Laboratory Communications, (515) 294-1048

On May 30, Ames Laboratory hosted a workshop with representatives from other National Laboratories and scientists from around the country to discuss opportunities for single-crystal neutron diffraction studies of quantum materials under pressure – an area of expertise for Ames Laboratory.

Discussions at the workshop covered a wide range of issues, including the science case for high pressure and quantum materials, and the optimal facilities, tools, and resources needed for success in this research using neutrons. A number of scientists from around the country presented high pressure research in quantum materials as well as areas where better experimental capabilities are needed in order to make progress in this challenging field.

Ames Laboratory has long been a leader in research using neutrons, and offers specialized expertise in high-pressure cells to understand quantum materials. In convening this important gathering, Ames Laboratory facilitated a dialogue among the key players in the national quantum materials community that resulted in a clearer understanding of existing capabilities and future directions, particularly at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) neutron science facilities. Ames Laboratory and ORNL have a rich history of collaboration in neutron scattering science dating back more than 30 years and co-organized this workshop.

“This workshop yielded extremely fruitful discussions about the existing landscape in neutron science, and helped us better understand how Ames Laboratory can further lend its experience and know-how to the benefit of the larger scientific community engaged in this type of research,” said Dimitri Argyriou, Chief Research Officer at Ames Laboratory.

Ames Laboratory will take the lead on consolidating and capturing the workshop’s findings in a joint report that will detail outcomes, new opportunities, and recommendations for next steps.

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