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Stores Catalog

The Ames Laboratory storeroom stock is available for withdrawl to all Ames Laboratory personnel. Stock must be used for "Ames Laboratory funded or overhead projects" and may only be charged to a project which is "open" to charges in Costpoint. New employees - - your supervisor will give you a business size card with the project number which you are authorized to charge to and which will allow you to withdraw stock from the storeroom.

The catalog lists stock by commodity type (01-16, commodity descrptions are listed below), part numbers, description, quantity on hand.

Commodity number/name:Access Catalog

01 Building Supplies
02 Hardware Supplies
03 Chemicals
04 Metal Supplies
05 Electrical Supplies
06 Electronic Supplies
07 Mechanical Supplies
08 Custodial Supplies
10 Office Supplies
12 Clothing Supplies
15 Laboratory Supplies
16 Miscellaneous Supplies (computers & Monitors)

All part numbers begin with the appropriate 2 digit commodity number listed above.

This a PDF document which is searchable.