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Storeroom Services

General Information:

The Ames laboratory storeroom offers materials in commodities of building supplies, hardware and small tools, gases, metals, electrical material and supplies, electronic supplies, mechanical material and supplies, custodial supplies, office supplies, and laboratory supplies. These materials are available to all Ames Laboratory personnel, if approved by their supervisor.

All property obtained from the storeroom must be used for authorized (DOE) purposes only - per DOE property management regulations Part 109-28.001-51.

Stores Catalog

Hours: 160 Spedding Hall -

Monday through Friday:

7:30 a.m to 11:50 a.m.

1:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m

Emergency & non-window hours - Call the Plant Protection Section 4-3483

Commodities: (scroll down to see examples below -part IDs begin with these numbers) or go directly to Stores Catalog link at top of page.

01 Building Supplies 07 Plumbing Supplies
02 Hardware Supplies 08 Custodial Supplies
03 Chemical Supplies 10 Office Supplies
04 Metal Supplies 12 Clothing Supplies
05 Electrical Supplies 15 Laboratory Supplies - data media
06 Electronic Supplies 16 Misc - computers, monitors

01 Building Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Paint brushes Spray paint Unistrut

02 Hardware Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Abrasives Drill bits Rulers
Anchors Files, glass - metal Rust preventers
Belts, V Glass cutter Screws
Blades, razor - saws Hammer Screwdrivers
Brush, wire Knife, utility Steel Wool
Cans, Qt., Gal., 5 Gal. Masking tape Solder
Casters Nuts & Washers Tapes, filament,2"clear
Caulking Pails, 5 Gal. Tapes, measuring
Chain Jack Pliers Tube cutters
C-clamps Pop rivets Tools, hand-wrenches
Cutters, glass - tube Razor blades, scraper V-belts
Cutting fluid Ropes, nylon - cable Wire brushes

03 Chemical Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Compressed gases Gas leak detectors Helium Dewars
Clamps - cyl-see 015 Gas regulators Nitrogen Dewars
Drierite Gas Valves-lecture  

04 Metal Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Angle Iron Sheet metals - steel Tantalum
Stainless Steel tubing Wires-chromel-duplex  

05 Electrical Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Ballasts Electrical tape Surge Suppressors
Boxes-steel-covers Extension cords Switches
Compound, wire pull Light bulbs Terminals
Conduit-clamps-pipe Power strips Wire nuts
Conduit - straps Receptacles Wire-stranded

06 Electronic Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Batteries,C,D,9v,Button Connectors Shrink tubing
Braid shielding Dusters-air Soldering Iron-wire
Bulbs-30-60-90w Fans Switches
Cabinets Flashlights & bulbs Telephone wire
Cable ties Fuses Wire testers
Cleaners Gauges Ethernet wire2-20ft.
Clips Jacks  

07 Plumbing Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

for Air Copper Stainless Steel
for Gas Dekoron Unistrut
for Water PVC Wire solder brushes
Brass Steel Valves

08 Custodial Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Brushes, scrub Cleaning equipment Sweeping compound
Cleaners-degreasers-windows Scouring powder-pads Toilet tissue
Detergents Soaps-dish-hand-laundry Towels, paper
Disinfectants,sprays Sponges  

10 Office Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Adhesives -glue Dry erase materials Record books-Lab
Binders, 3 ring, backs Folders, file, manila Rubber bands
Book ends, metal Index cards Rulers
Calendars-desk Labels Scissors, 2 sizes
Chalk Lead, 5mm, 7mm refill Scotch tape & dispensers
Clipboards-plastic Markers,permanent Sheet protectors(2)
Compass Stamps-US postage
Correction fluids/mtls. Paper - printer/copier Staples,Staplers,remover
Data tapes -see 15 Paper clips, binder clip Transparencies (3)
Directory - ISU Paper punches Tapes-adhesive
Dividers-tabs-indexes Paper, colored Toners-HP & recycled
Diskettes 3.5 see 15 Pens, pencils Video tapes - see 15
Envelopes Post-its Zip Disks - see 15
CD R's &RW's see15    

12 Clothing (examples) (Back to Top)

Air filter mask see 15 Lab Coats,cloth Towels, bath
Ear plugs Safety glasses-goggle  

15 Laboratory Supplies (examples) (Back to Top)

Acid carriers Forceps Rags, white cotton
Adhesives Funnels Regulators, gas
Bags, plastic, garbage Gloves, latex, work Scoopulas
Beakers Grease Slides-microscope
Bottles, glass, poly Hoses Stir bars
Bottle brushes Jars Stopcocks
Dry Ice Kim wipes Stoppers
Brushes-bottle-tube Lab jacks Syringes
Capillaries Lexon sheets Septums
Clamps Magnifiers Teflon sheets
CDR & CDRW's Neoprene Tygon tubing
Cotton swabs Mask, air filter Tapes, heating
Crucibles Matches Tissue wipes
Cylinder-pyrex Oils, lube, pump Tubes, pryex, quartz
Data tapes O-rings Vacuum materials
Diskette 3.5 & storage Paper -computer Vials
Dishes Photographic supplies Video tapes
Flash Drives Plates-quartz Water filter cartridges
Foil, aluminum Rod -quartz Zip disks & CDR's

16 Misc Supplies (Back to Top)

Computers, Monitors

Computer configuration