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Shipping and Receiving Services

General Information:

Shipping and Receiving services are provided for Ames Laboratory personnel. The warehouse facility on Kooser Dr. is operated by the  Materials and Transportation group. Daily on-site deliveries are made of gases, inbound express mail, credit card and purchase order packages.

Shipping Address for ALL packages to Ames Laboratory:


Ames Lab. DOE Warehouse

% (your name)/building/room

ISU Campus, 2416 Pammel Dr.

Ames, IA 50011-2416



Shipping                           Packaging Services        Pool Eqpt. Area (reutilization)

Receiving                         Hold Eqpt. Area (for future projects)

Tracking Shipments          Bulk Item Storage        

Gases/Cylinders               Delivery on-site


Shipping Orders:

The shipping orders are numbered at the time of shipment. A copy of the shipping order will be sent to the requestor of the shipment after tracking numbers are determined. The original completed form is maintained in the Accounting Office, 224 TASF. 



Shipping department (153 Spedding Hall) hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Warehouse hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:50 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Tracking Shipments -(inbound and outbound) You may track your shipment via the following freight vendor on-line links using the vendor shipment number on the bottom of the shipping order returned to you:

Fedex: FedEx | Track

UPS:UPS Package Tracking

YRC:Yellow/Roadway Tracking



To order gas cylinders you can do the following:

  • Use the web app and app procedure - (you will need to let us know if you are a new user and we can set you up to have access)
  • Use email: with the following information to minimize communication issues:(you may copy and paste this to your email or template)
  • Name -
  • Employee ID no.  -
  • Phone no. - 4-
  • Room no. & building -
  • Project Abbrev - (to charge gas to - 6 digits)
  • Description of gas (see catalog) i.e.(0330398 Gas,Argon UHP/Zero Grade, T-Size,336 CFT,LW300)                      
  • Notes: when needed, etc.-
  • Or call 4-2916 (warehouse)

Compressed air, argon, argon/methane, helium, nitrogen and oxygen are stocked at the warehouse. Special orders for other gases must be submitted via a requisition to the Purchasing and Property Services office, 211 TASF.


Packaging Services:

Boxes, packagings, absorbents, tubes, crating and "foam-in-place" service are available for outbound shipments. Call 4-6083.


Receiving Service:

Most small package delivery is handled by the Shipping department (160 Spedding dock) Large items are to be shipped to the Ames Lab warehouse. Automated Receiving is performed for all materials ordered on a purchase order. All credit card orders are received,  but the requestor must enter the purchase/receipt in Costpoint.


Bulk Storeroom Storage:

Large volume and bulky items offered by the storeroom for issue are stored at the warehouse. Some items are pipes,  sheet metals and gas cylinders.


Delivery Services:

Materials delivered to the shipping department are delivered onsite to requestors within 24 hours, usually less. Express packages are delivered the same day. Large equipment may be delivered to you by calling Facilities Services, 4-3756 and completing a Service Order Requisition.


Pool Equipment Area:

The Property Services Pool is located at the warehouse. Call Brian, 4-5678. The equipment pool area is used to improve equipment re-utilization. All Ames Lab employees may secure equipment in this area. Equipment transfer tags are available from the Storeroom window, 160 Spedding Hall.


Hold Equipment Area:

The Property Services Hold Area is located at the warehouse. Call Brian, 4-5678. This area is designated for the storage of equipment that is to be used in the future by the remitting program. This equipment is only available for re-utilization by the remitting program. Equipment transfer tags are available from the Storeroom window, 160 Spedding Hall.


Hazardous Materials:

Hazardous Materials are defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Instructions/definitions may be found in 49 CFR 173, pages preceding the shipping order form, IATA section 3, or by calling 4-4427.

Classifications: (subcategories)

Explosives (6) Flammable Solids (3) Corrosive Materials (3)
Flammable Gas (1) Spontaneously Comb.(1) Miscellaneous Materials
Non-Flammable Gas (1) Dangerous when wet (1)  Not Regulated
Poison Gas (4) Inhalation Hazards (4)  
Flammable Liquids (3) Infectious Substances (1)  
Combustible Liquid (1) Radioactive Material (9)  


Each person requesting the shipment of a material is responsible for assisting in the classification the material from the above listed references before the material can be shipped.

Except for large/heavy shipments, all hazardous materials are shipped overnight via Fedex Priority or UPS Next Day.





EMERGENCY notification of accidents involving HAZARDOUS MATERIALS and an Ames Laboratory vehicle while onsite (campus) should be made by calling 515-294-3483.