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Hazardous Material Shipments

General Information:

Materials and Transportation personnel perform domestic and international shipping activities associated with hazardous materials transported onsite and offsite. All activities are performed by personnel who have been trained for their respective transportation functions, as required by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and International Air Transport Association (IATA). Shipments are made for the research and operations community, enabling collaborative research and business to be conducted with Ames Laboratory. 

Emergency notification of Hazardous Material incidents involving an Ames Laboratory vehicle (onsite/campus) should be made to: 515-294-3483.

Hazardous Materials are defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Instructions/definitions may be found in 49 CFR 173 or IATA section 3.  Contact us for help classifying your material in 153 Spedding Hall, by phone at 515-294-6083, or email

Classifications: (# of subcategories)

Explosives (6) Flammable Solids (3) Corrosive Materials (3)
Flammable Gas (1) Spontaneously Comb.(1) Miscellaneous Materials
Non-Flammable Gas (1) Dangerous when wet (1)  
Poison Gas (4) Inhalation Hazards (4)  
Flammable Liquids (3) Infectious Substances (1)  
Combustible Liquid (1) Radioactive Material (9)  

Each person requesting the shipment of a material is responsible for assisting in the classification of the material from the above listed references before the material can be shipped.

Except for large/heavy shipments, all hazardous materials are shipped overnight via Fedex priority or UPS Next Day.


Hazardous Materials Transportation Staff Directory:
  • Vicki Sieve, 515-294-6083, 153 Spedding Hall for Hazardous Material Shipments
  • Mike McGuigan, 515-294-7922, G40 TASF for Radiological Shipments & Receipts
  • Stephanie Goodman, 515-294-3081, 153A Spedding Hall for Hazardous Material Shipments
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