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Visitor Information

Internet Access for Visitors

Short-term visitors to Ames Laboratory can use the network to reach the Internet in two ways.

  • Visitor Wireless network service.
  • Wired network connections in conference rooms.

In both cases a visitor will be asked to sign in to the Captive Portal network service using a temporary assigned visitor username and password.

Wireless Network Access for Visitors

Wireless network service is operated by Information Technology, and is provided in many, but not all, areas of Ames Laboratory. Ames Laboratory provides wireless network access for visitors using the following connection settings:

  • SSID: AL Guest
  • Network Authentication: Open
  • Data Encryption: None
  • Captive Portal Login: Self-registration or Pre-registration

Captive Portal Service for Visitors

The Ames Laboratory Captive Portal service is a login mechanism for providing Internet access to visitors. Visitors can use Captive Portal service to access the web via wired connections in conference rooms or wireless connections where available throughout Ames Laboratory.

For those unfamiliar with Captive Portal, if you have travelled with a WiFi-capable laptop or PDA, and have used visitor network services at your hotel or host, you've probably been required to login and/or register to a web page before being allowed to reach the Internet. Ames Lab Captive Portal service provides a similar quick login access for visitors wishing to reach the Internet through the Ames Lab visitor networks without the lengthy machine registration screens that are otherwise required.

For more information about this service, please see our FAQ: What is Captive Portal, and how do I use it.

It is no longer necessary to pre-register visitors to use the Captive Portal service to login to Ames Lab visitor networks. For more information on guest/visitor wireless access, please see our FAQ: How does a visitor access the AL Guest wireless network.

Rules of Behavior

Visitors must also sign the Rules of Behavior document and submit it to the Information Technology office prior to using an account to login to the Ames Lab visitor networks. This document can be found in our FAQ: What are the Rules of Behavior for using the Ames Laboratory network.