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Records Management

The Records Management Program at the Ames Laboratory provides guidance and assistance for administrative departments and research programs to effectively manage their records. The program has three components:

  • Vital Records - This component focuses on records that are required to meet operational responsibilities or to protect the legal and financial rights of the Ames Laboratory and its employees. This includes official personnel files, medical files, and documents needed during and after an emergency event. For more information, please refer to Plan 48202.001, Vital Records Plan. If you need assistance in determining what records you have that may be considered vital records, please contact Rhonda DeShong. Also please refer to the Departmental Vital Records Inventory Form.


  • Records Archiving - This component serves to effectively maintain all Laboratory records in a manner that preserves important information. This also includes the appropriate disposal of records that have met their disposition schedule. The Laboratory operates two records storage areas, both of which meet federal guidelines for this purpose. In addition, the Records Office provides a process for disposing of sensitive and OUO documents.


  • Records Digitization - The goal of this component is to capture in digital form those records that may be considered especially useful and frequently referred to. The digitization process is operated using IBM Content Management, and produces PDFs of records that may be accessed online. If you are interested in utilizing this system, please contact the Records Office for more information and a consultation.