Halogen e-Appraisal(Performance Appraisals)

2014 Performance Evaluation Process

2/3-2/7:  Employee writes self-appraisal.

2/8-2/14:  Evaluating Supervisor writes appraisals for Direct Reports.

2/15-2/18:  HR Representative reviews appraisals.

2/19-2/28:  Evaluating Supervisor meets with Direct Reports; Evaluating Supervisor and Direct Report sign off on the appraisal; Second Level Manager reviews and approves appraisals (as needed); ISU P&S or Merit Confirmation form is signed and submitted to Ames Lab Human Resources.  (Unless your evaluation requires Second Level Manager review and approval, all of the other steps listed in this timeframe should be completed when the Evaluating Supervisor and Direct Report meet to discuss the finalized evaluation).

The dates listed above are target dates.  If tasks are completed sooner, they can move through the process quicker.  If tasks are not completed by the target date, they may hold up or lessen the amount of time for a succeeding task.  All tasks are expected to be completed by February 28th.


1.  Links to Halogen eAppraisal Site and Instructions:  On-Site/Off-site Access

2.  Self Evaluation Instructions

3.  Evaluating Supervisor/Manager Instructions

4.  Sample Email from Supervisors to Direct Reports

5.  Employee Instructions:  How to Access Your Position Description

6.  Supervisor Instructions:  How to Access Your Direct Report's Position Description

7.  Halogen eAppraisal Frequently Asked Questions