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Document Control Program

The Document Control (DC) Plan ensures that only approved, current versions of such documents are used in the workplace or transmitted to outside entities. This plan directs the preparation, review, approval, issuance, availability, and revision of documents with Laboratory-wide impact. Documents, regardless of origin and having Laboratory-wide impact, shall be registered and tracked through DC as part of the Laboratory's Quality Assurance Program.

The links on this page provide valuable information for document authors. Please review the Document Control Program Plan before submitting a document to the Training & Records Management Office. In addition, every document that is sent to the Training & Records Management Office must be accompanied by a Document Submission Form. Please use the templates when creating new or revising existing documents. 

When developing a new or existing document, it may be helpful to review the Guidelines for Lab-wide Document Creation and Revisions. For more information about the Document Control Program, or to request assistance in developing or revising documents, please contact the Training & Records Management Office at 4-9972.

Ames Laboratory Document Template

Ames Laboratory Form & Handout Template

Ames Laboratory Document Chapter or Section Template