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Training Program

Human Resources coordinates the Laboratory's Training Program, which provides employees with the institutional training necessary for the safe and productive completion of their work responsibilities. A primary emphasis is placed on the fulfillment of Environment, Safety, and Health (ES&H) training requirements.

In addition to institutional training, this program also provides employees with resources on how to use some of the Laboratory's task-based systems, such as Cyber Train.

To access your institutional training record, please log into Cyber Train. Remember that Cyber Train uses your primary work email address as your user name, and a unique password that you must set up the first time you access the system. Links are provided below, depending on your work location.

  • Off-site Access (if you are located in Gilman, Physics, Zaffarano, or other campus buildings, as well as anywhere off-campus)
  • On-site Access (if you are located in TASF, Spedding, Metals Development, or Wilhelm)

To check out our resources on task-based systems, visit the Ames Laboratory Processes Training page.


Training Schedule
Training Catalog