Human Resources Forms

ATTENTION: you must be logged in to see all forms in addition, forms that reside in an employee’s official personnel file (OPF) now have barcodes in the bottom right-hand corner. The most common forms are the Personnel Requisitions, Change/Reappointment Requisition, AL-473 form, and Associateship form. The barcodes were placed on the forms for the Content Management system that Human Resources will implement to scan employee records. Effective immediately, if old versions of official personnel file (OPF) forms are submitted, or altered forms are submitted (ie: barcode is missing, form and/or barcode has been resized) Human Resources will not accept the form and it will be returned to the originator.
Human Resources began using the Content Management System and scanning personnel files in June 2011, so it is imperative that the official form from the website is used for the barcodes to scan correctly. Over time, other offices will also be moving to the Content Management system and adding barcodes to their forms resulting in paper savings, storage space, and the ability to store records more securely.

Document Linksort icon Document Number Version Effective Date
Ames Laboratory Personal Information Form Form 48200.021 June 2013
Confidentiality Agreement Form Form 48200.009 1 Aug. 2011
Graduate Student Absence Request Form 48200.017 1 Aug. 2011
Intellectual Property Agreement Form 10100.009 5 Jan. 2011
Intellectual Property Agreement Form FAQ NA NA NA
Locator Card and EEO Information NA NA NA
Network Rules of Behavior Form 48400.019 4.1 Oct. 2012
Personnel Requisition Original Appointment Form 48200.005 9 Dec. 2013
Personnel Requisition Reappointment/Change Form Form 48200.003 8 Feb. 2013
Personnel Requisition XH Original Appointment Form 48200.012 7 Dec. 2013
Scientist CV Template NA NA NA