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Mechanical R&D

Mechanical R&D provides a wide range of design, analysis, and testing services for the Laboratory’s scientific programs.  Mechanical Design tests and evaluates engineering materials, designs and develops new experimental hardware and machine tools, and inspects and assembles mechanical components.

In our efforts we utilize Autodesk Inventor and ESPRIT CAD/CAM Software by DP Technology Corp., among others.

Our Mechanical Design staff also provides expertise in the following areas:

  • vacuum or high-pressure systems
  • computational mechanics
  • kinematic analysis
  • material specification
  • weldment processes
  • heat transfer system
  • health and environmental risk analysis.

 ESG Mechanical Engineers work closely as a team effort with the ESG Mechanical Development Shop during the fabrication, debugging, repair and testing phase of new and existing projects requiring both design and fabrication.  ESG Electronics and ESG Mechanical groups consistently interact on project details so electronic and mechanical systems are functionally compatible.  We can also provide a safe and efficient solution to motion control problems.  Our Mechanical Design staff can handle any sort of design concern, from complex multi-axis, electromechanical motion to the simple cleanup of a machine shop drawing.







For more information please contact Terry Herrman at (515) 294-7896 or e-mail herrman @