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Facilities & Engineering Services

The Facilities Services Group (FSG) is responsible for the facilities and infrastructure of the Ames Laboratory. The group includes custodial staff, craft personnel and engineering staff.  The departmental office is located in Room 158, Metals Development Building on the campus of Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

The Facilities Services Group is responsible for three major research facilities (Wilhelm Hall, Spedding Hall, and the Metals Development Building), an administration building (TASF), and seven service and support facilities, totaling over 324,000 square feet.  Facilities is responsible for all of the maintenance, modifications, and improvements required to ensure that the infrastructure of the Laboratory can support the mission of the Laboratory both now and into the future.  The group also provides support directly to the programs and departments through equipment job orders and service order requisitions for program-specific remodeling, equipment installation, utility services, laboratory setup, and safety systems.  Additional responsibilities include In-House Energy Management, keys/access control system, Emergency Preparedness, construction/facility safety, construction contract oversight, maintaining up-to-date CAD drawings of the facility for use in space management and Real Property Asset Management.  Facilities Services also has significant input into Site Planning, the Annual Laboratory Plan, Fire Safety Committee, Facility Information Management System (FIMS), Electrical Safety Committee, Safety Review Committee, and space assignments.

FSG also provides complete custodial services for all Ames Lab facilities.  The vision of Custodial Services is to provide the best possible environment for world class research at the Ames Laboratory, while striving to maintain a workplace that occupants will be proud to show visitors.  These goals are attained through teamwork, commitment to excellence, continued process improvement, proper training and the best use of available cleaning equipment and supplies.



The Engineering Services Group provides complete R&D engineering, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), fabrication, and repair of mechanical and electronic research apparatus for DOE Ames Laboratory, other members of the DOE research community, Iowa State University, and for outside agencies.  While the group's purpose is to meet the needs of Ames Laboratory's scientists, services are available to anyone needing unique services not available commercially.   

Ames Laboratory’s Engineering Services Group is located in the Metals Development building on the campus of Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.  

The group’s goal is to provide the optimum support to scientific research and associated efforts, in the most professional, efficient, and timely manner possible, within DOE quality assurance and safety guidelines, and with complete user satisfaction.


For more information please contact Terry Herrman at (515) 294-7896 or e-mail herrman @