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Safeguards and Security

Ames Laboratory Safeguards and Security Contacts



Position/Function Phone
Tom E. Wessels Facility Security Officer (FSO)    S&S Program Director 515-294-4965
K. Hertzke S&S Program Manager 515-294-2325
J. Bartine Assistant FSO
Assistant S&S Program Manager
Plant Protection Specialist
Mark Murphy FV&A 515-294-2618
Leslea Abrahamsen FV&A POC 515-294-4804
Debra Covey Export Control 515-294-2618
Bill Sears Cyber Security Manager (CSM) 515-294-3590
Diane Muncrief Privacy Officer 515-294-5731
Mark Grootveld Emergency Coordinator 515-294-7895
Mike McGuigan NMC&A Manager and MBA Custodian 515-294-7922
Shawn Nelson

Assistant ESH&A Manager   Plant Protection Specialist

Guards Plant Protection Centeral Station 515-294-3483
Brian Freese Plant Protection Officer 515-294-3483
Julie Hartman Plant Protection Officer 515-294-3483
Krystal Johnson Plant Protection Officer 515-294-3483
Phyllis Mann Plant Protection Officer 515-294-3483
William Martin Plant Protection Sergeant 515-294-3483
Steve Seliger Plant Protection Sergeant 515-294-3483
Nick Swanson Plant Protection Officer 515-294-3483

Safeguards and Security Contacts

Safeguards and Security Organizational Chart