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Readiness Review

 The Ames Laboratory Readiness Review process provides strong support for Integrated Safety Management. Readiness Review is begun during initial project planning and the scoping and allocation of resources. Line management utilizes tools such as an Activity ESH Hazard Identification Checklist, developed by the Laboratory's Safety Review Committee, to analyze and document the identification of hazards. Safety representatives and coordinators receive Hazard Identification Training and support hazard identification skills. A formal review, conducted according to a detailed procedure, provides a forum for the activity supervisor and for safety and engineering specialists to discuss the hazards associated with the work, review the applicable standards, detail the required control mechanisms and establish the related safety envelope. Approval and authorization is documented on a Readiness Review Activity Approval Form. Once the agreed upon conditions and requirements are met the review is finalized through Operational Approval by the Safety Review Committee. The level and rigor of documentation, such as procedures and training, are determined according to the level of hazards and complexity of the work. Ames Laboratory ensures feedback and continuous improvement success through a variety of mechanisms that involve general workers, line safety coordinators, management, and independent specialists. Additionally, ongoing activities undergo Readiness Review on a five-year basis.

Ames Laboratory Contacts

Primary Contact:

Laboratory Director: Dr. Adam Schwartz (515) 294-2770
Deputy Director: Dr. Tom Lograsso (515) 294-8425
ESH Manager: Sean Whalen (515) 294-4965
ESH Asst. Manager: Shawn A. Nelson (515) 294-9769
SRC Chair: Kevin W. Dennis (515) 294-7899


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