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Industrial Hygiene

Ames Laboratory's Industrial Hygiene (IH) Program is dedicated to providing employees a workplace free from or protected against recognized hazards that could potentially cause illness or injury. The basic principles of industrial hygiene are applied: Anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of workplace hazards.

The industrial hygienist participates on Readiness Review committees to assist in anticipation and recognition of chemical, physical, biological, or ergonomic hazards. 

Evaluation of hazards follows when indicated, through qualitative and quantitative exposure assessments.

Possible control strategies include elimination or substitution of the hazard, engineering controls, administrative limitations, or the use of personal protective equipment. Training is also an integral part of the IH Program.

This program conforms to the principles of the Ames Laboratory Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS), which include:

1) define the scope of work,
2) analyze the hazards,
3) identification and implementation of hazard controls,
4) performing work within controls, and
5) continuous improvement through regular feedback.

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