Cyber Train goes live on Monday, May 2nd!

All Ames Lab employees will be able to obtain unique login information to access their training records and register for or complete training. Please note that there are two URLs for the system, depending on whether you are on-site or off-site. Some of the Laboratory's most common courses will be available for you to complete online, and we will continue to add more and more each month. Most courses will have detailed completion instructions to help you successfully fulfill your training requirements. Supervisors will have access to their employees' training records and keep tabs on training requirements and completions. You will receive automatically generated training reminders each month to remind you of past due and upcoming training requirements.

Please note that employees will not be able to access Cyber Train until they have completed the check-in process, on or before their first day of work. New employee records cannot be input into the database until all aspects of check-in are completed in Human Resources. This includes providing a preferred work email address (either Ames Lab or Iowa State University address). Supervisors should ensure hiring paperwork is complete in advance of new employees beginning work and prepare their employees to have all their paperwork with them on their first day of employment.

The needs assessment process will also be different for many groups. Some managers have taken advantage of the training needs "templates" for their groups by submitting completed Hazard Inventory forms and Training Needs Questionnaires. The Training Office has used these forms to create customized templates for each group. This means that new employees in those groups will not be required to complete a HI or TNQ when they are hired, as their training will be automatically triggered. If you are a manager and are interested in taking advantage of this new option, please complete a Hazard Inventory and a Training Needs Questionnaire and return the forms to the Training Office or by email to Amy Tehan. Employees whose managers have not turned in their templates will still need to complete the Hazard Inventory and Training Needs Questionnaire within the first week of their employment.

Training profiles for current employees were imported from the old training system, so your profile should accurately reflect your previous records. Please note that for courses you have never completed, the Date Needed will show as January 1st, 1990. This was a consequence of the way records were imported. If you have any questions about your profile, or you feel a change should be made, please don't hesitate to contact the Training Office.

Cyber Train will be a great tool to empower Ames Laboratory employees and give you more control over your own training. As with any major change, we will encounter growing pains and go through a transition period. To help you take advantage of the new system, we have created several videos that show you how to perform certain tasks and understand the information on your training profile. Before you begin using Cyber Train, please take a look at the videos on the Ames Laboratory website. And of course you can call or email the Training Office at any time with questions or suggestions.