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Week 5 - Active for Life 2018

May 27th - June 2nd

Scavenger Hunt Clue: This arbor was reconstructed in 2002 and is placed in front of the first building on campus as well as a National Historic Landmark. This “first building” was built in 1860 and functioned as living quarters for various Iowa State presidents, deans, professors, farmhands and students. Find the arbor and take a selfie.

When walking the most direct walking path leaving out of the east entrance of Ames Laboratory you will reach this destination in about .48 miles one way.

*You will earn 10 bonus points for finding the clue location, taking a selfie and submitting your entry to

Weekly Challenge: This week we want to take a look at our mental health. Practice meditation. Sit quietly for at least 5 minutes and focus on a single positive thought or on your breath. Meditation can quiet a busy mind and reduce stress. It may also help with medical conditions that are worsened by stress.  Take some time each day to relax and reflect. You can use this time to be thankful and reflect on 3 things each night that you are thankful for, count your blessings instead of burdens, and think positively.  Chances are if you take some time out of each day to reflect or meditate and focus on the good, you will begin to feel better. Check out this article about how meditation can help you.

*You will earn 10 challenge points for practicing daily meditation or reflection.

Be sure to complete the challenge, take selfies, and log your points!

Week 5 photos:





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