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Week 1 - Active for Life 2018

May 1st-5th

Please be sure to edit your activity minutes to suit your individual goals. With that being said, the first week of Active for Life will be a short week. You will be reporting minutes starting the 1st of May through Saturday the 5th.  The rest of the weeks will be Sunday to Saturday for recording minutes.

Week 1 Challenge: Participate in the DOE Mile challenge! You can walk or run and this event will take place Tuesday May 1st. There is a waiver that needs to be completed if you are participating. You can stop by OccMed or e-mail for a copy. We will meet right outside of The Ames Lab building on the east side and get everyone ready to race starting at 1PM. 

Participating in this event will earn you 10 bonus points. Please log these points if you participated under the week 1 challenge section.

Week 1 Scavenger Hunt: You may be able to hear the chimes of the campanile at this structure originally commissioned as the “Marriage Ring” in 1942. If you take the most direct walking path leaving the Ames Laboratory building from the East you will have walked approximately .42 miles one way. 

Please submit your selfie to  We will be sharing selfies on the Active for Life website and there will be a prize drawing at the end of the competition for best selfie submission.

Follow this link to keep updated on Active for Life news:

By participating in the scavenger hunt and selfie submission you will earn 10 bonus points. Please log them on the google sheet for week 1 scavenger hunt.


See the 2018 May Day Mile results here.

Here are some photos from the Week 1 Scavenger Hunt:




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