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Active for Life 2018


Active for Life was formerly a nationwide wellness program put on by the American Cancer Society. Since they are no longer able to run the program, Occupational Medicine is developing an Ames Laboratory version of the competition. This 8-week voluntary program encourages Ames Laboratory employees to begin and/or maintain an active, physically-fit lifestyle.

Employees form wellness teams to set individual and team wellness goals. The teams will compete against one another internally within the Ames Laboratory community

Key Dates

April 16th - April 20th: Registration

May 1st: Challenge begins!

July 2nd: Challenge ends

July 6th: Last day to record data

July 16th: Team and Individual winners announced!
We will also have a picnic for all participating members and prizes for the winning team and individual winners.

Members earn points for daily activity. Employees who are interested in participating are encouraged to form a team (5-8 members) and select a captain and team name. If you want to participate and are unable to find a team, contact or call 294-2056 and we will connect you with a team!

2018 marks the 3rd Active for Life at Ames Laboratory.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Flexible, 8-week, web-based physical activity program
  • Team-based approach, with ability to set individual goals
  • Every participant who reaches their individual goal contributes to the success of the program
  • Participants receive a point for each minute of moderate physical activity they do- these points count toward individual and team goals
  • Weekly challenges and scavenger hunt locations will be announced for bonus points
  • G-suite google sheets will be used for tracking active minutes.

For further questions or if you are interested in being a team captain, contact , call 294-2056, or stop into G11 TASF.

Click here for the Google Sheet to track your minutes and goals.

Follow these links to stay up to date with weekly challenges and scavenger hunt locations:

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