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Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Where can I find who has signature authority for a specific project?

Answer - The appropriate signature authority for purchase order requisitions and service work can be determined by using the Ames Laboratory Chart of Accounts.  The current Chart of Accounts information can be found on the Moderate file server at Team\COA.

* The current fiscal year files (COA.xls and COAintro.doc) are in the directory named COA

* Prior fiscal year COA files are located in a subdirectory - COA\Archived Chart of Accounts.


Question - How much money do I have remaining on my project?

Answer - This depends on a number of factors.  Your budget analyst can work with you to determine the current funding available, the cost and commitment data.


Question - What is the Ames Laboratory overhead rate?

Answer - Ames Laboratory does not have a single overhead rate.  Ames Laboratory has several overheads pools which are factored on different bases.  Please speak with your budget analyst for assistance in calculating overhead costs.