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Open Source Software

The Ames Laboratory has a number of open source software packages available which are listed below:

  • VE-Suite:  The Ames Laboratory's VE-Suite is an open-source virtual engineering software toolkit that enables the user to simultaneously interact with engineering analyses and graphical models provided by CAD systems to create a virtual decision-making envirnoment.  Using VE-Suite to implement virtual engineering reduces the design cycle time to allow new technologies to reach production and operation more quickly than previously possible.  Together, these tools enable improved engineering productvity and reduced costs, more accurate and timely engineering designs, engineering support for plant operations, evaluation of potential retrofit, scale-up, and design optimization for large-scale engineered products and facilities.  
  • HOOMD-blue:  Stands for Highly Optimized Object-oriented Many-particles Dynamics--Blue Edition.  It performs general purpose particle dynamics simulations on a single workstation, taking advantage of NVIDIA GPUs to attain a level of performance equivalent to many processor cores on a fast cluster.  The HOOMD-blue development effort is led by the Glotzer group at the University of Michigan, and Ames Laboratory researchers have contributed to the effort.  
  • CyGutz:  A versatile Gutzwiller solver to optimize the single Slater determinant and local many-body degrees of freedom simultaneously within the Gutzwiller approximation or equivalently Slave-boson approach.
  • C2-NEB:  A nudged-elastic band (NEB) method is modified with concamitant two climbing images (C2-NEB) to find a transition state (TS) in complex potential energy landscape, using either quantum electronic-structure or classical atomic potential methods.
  • ThermoPhonon:  This software permits ease of determination of atomic "force constraints" needed for investigation of harmonic vibrational (i.e., phonon) effects in computational materials discovery efforts - typically falling under basic research and development.  ThermoPhonon code provides a unique capability to use atomic displacements at a fixed temperature for calculating the temperature-specific phonon spectrum.


The software listed above was produced under U.S. Government contract DE-AC02-07CH11358 for The Ames Laboratory, which is operated by Iowa State University for the U.S. Department of Energy.  The U.S. Government has rights to use, reproduce, and distribute this software.  NEITHER THE GOVERNMENT NOR IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY MAKES ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OR ASSUMES ANY LIABILITY FOR THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE.  If software is modified to produce derivative works, such modified software should be clearly marked, so as not to confuse it with the version available from The Ames Laboratory.

As the software listed on this page may be released under various Open Source Software licenses, additional terms and conditions may apply.

To disclose Open Source Software, please fill out this FORM and return to Stacy Joiner or Beth Pieper.


For industrial inquiries such as information about working with The Ames Laboratory, and the availability of Ames Laboratory technologies, please contact:  

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