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Ball Milling Event Update

What a Couple of Weeks

National Safety Month

Tribune carries magnet recycling story

Ames Tribune staff writer Julie Ferrell talked recently with Ames Laboratory researcher Ikenna Nlebedim about his work in recycling rare-earth magnet waste. The project, funded by the Critical Materials Institute, a U.S. Department of Energy Energy Innovation Hub headquartered at Ames Laboratory, successfully used magnet scrap collected from the factory floor to create new magnets. The story appeared in the Sunday, July 12 edition.

June 1990 is all about OSHA

The June 1990 issue of Insider had a cover story on the OSHA Inspection that resulted in an overall rating of Excellent. Other features from the issue included a story on Lewis Oswood who grew orchids as a hobby, awards for James Vary, Kerry Whisnant, Jim Fritz, and Glennn Schrader, and artwork by Ed Gurganus.


Deputy Secretary holds roundtable discussion on STEM

Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall held a roundtable Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University and local officials to discuss the importance of STEM education to the Department of Energy, to listen to short descriptions of research projects from the Laboratory’s education program students and others and to have an open dialogue with city and national representatives on STEM-related workforce development and opportunities for strengthening exiting relationships between the Ames Laboratory, the city of Ames and other groups.



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