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Ames Laboratory physicists discover new type of material that may speed computing

Contacts:                                                                                                       For Release: April 8, 2016
Adam Kaminski, Division of Materials Science and Engineering, (515) 294-0849
Paul Canfield, Division of Materials Science and Engineering, (515) 294-6270
Laura Millsaps, Public Affairs, (515) 294-3474


Energy Secretary Moniz to attend Ames Laboratory facility dedication


Contacts:                                                                                          For release: April 7, 2016
Adam Schwartz, Director, Ames Laboratory, (515) 294-2770
Matt Kramer, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering, (515) 294-0276
Steve Karsjen, Public Affairs, (515) 294-5643


“Ship-in-a-Bottle” Synthesis of Designer Nanocatalysts

A new “ship-in-a-bottle” approach to making nano-sized intermetallic compound catalysts (materials that increase how fast chemicals can be made) offers more control over stability, activity, product selectivity, and conversion efficiency than possible before.  The approach involves encapsulating the catalyst inside a “glass-bottle” made from porous silica (a.k.a.

The Future of Technology Is Hiding on the Ocean Floor

Gizmodo editor Maddie Stone writes about the potential for mining rare earths from manganese nodules located on the deep sea floor. In the story, Stone talks with Critical Materials Director Alex King about the need and uses for rare earths.

The story includes the improbable recruitment of billionaire industrialist and recluse Howard Hughes by the CIA to build a ship to supposedly harvest these nodules. In fact, that was just a cover story to conceal the mission -- recovery of a sunken Soviet nuclear submarine during the Cold War.


Smith and Lee earn LAS honors

Ames Laboratory scientists Emily Smith and Young-Jin Lee have earned honors from Iowa State University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Smith was named the inaugural recipient of the LAS Dean's Emerging Faculty Leader Award and Lee was given the 2016 Trapp Innovation Award which provides funding to a faculty member who is pursuing new or unusual research in chemistry or the physical sciences.

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