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Solving the Biomass Puzzle

Biomass holds great promise as a petroleum replacement, but unlocking its true potential remains a puzzle. A group of researchers at Iowa State University and the U.S Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory hope to develop the pieces of that puzzle to create a clearer picture of what takes place within a plant and how that applies to its downstream uses as biomass. (5/11/2016)

Secretary of Energy Moniz discusses Iowa’s role in energy independence

Ames Tribune staff writer Austin Harrington sat down with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on Friday to talk about energy in Iowa and the role of Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University in helping addresses energy needs in both the state and the nation. Moniz was in Ames on May 6 for the dedication of the new Sensitive Instrument Facility and was also the speaker for Iowa State University's commencement exercises on Saturday, May 7.


Secretary Moniz to headline SIF dedication

Friday, May 6 will be a busy day at the Ames Laboratory.  A dedication ceremony for the new Sensitive Instrument Facility will be headlined by U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. In addition to officially opening the new research building, Moniz will tour several labs, meet with Lab management, have lunch with Ames Laboratory post-docs and early career scientists, and hold an all-hands meeting with employees. 


Join Ames Lab National Bike Challenge team

“The Ames Laboratory Team” will again be participating in the National Bike Challenge from May 1, 2016 through September 30, 2016.  Log in with your existing account if you have participated in the past, or join to log the miles you ride which can be used to offset our greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle commuting.   The team will get together for group rides throughout the challenge, so be sure to register!



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