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A SULI Virtual Tour

Ames Laboratory researcher and SULI mentor Ikenna Nlebedim and Summer 2015 SULI intern Gavin Hester talk about their experiences in the program which provides hands-on research opportunities to undergraduate students at the nation's national laboratories.

Ames Economic Development Commission seeking local employee input

Ames Laboratory is one of 68 Ames companies and organizations whose employees are being asked to participate in a survey being conducted by the Ames Economic Development Commission.  In reaching over 8,400 employees, it’s believed to be the largest employee survey conducted to specifically gather information on why our Ames employees choose to live in Ames or elsewhere with a focus on housing and amenities of the community.


Tough Decisions about Decision Making

If you are in a long-term relationship, it’s likely that either you or your spouse or partner has assumed all or most of the responsibility for your household’s long-term financial planning and investing. But what if your family’s decision maker becomes physically or mentally incapacitated and loses the ability to make rational decisions about your savings and investments? Here's some information you need to make informed decisions about future decisions.


Pull quote test 2

Scientists at the Critical Materials Institute have developed a two-step recovery process that makes recycling rare-earth metals easier and more cost-effective.

Rare-earth metals are valuable ingredients in a variety of modern technologies and are found in cell phones, hard disk drives in computers, and other consumer electronics, which are frequently discarded for newer and more up-to-date versions.

The Critical Materials Institute announces two new industry members

Contacts:                                                                                                    For release: Aug. 18, 2015
Alex King, Director, Critical Materials Institute, (515) 296-4505
Laura Millsaps, Ames Laboratory Public Affairs, (515) 294-3474

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Critical Materials Institute has announced two new industry members: Eck Industries, Inc., and United Technologies Research Center.


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