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Magnetic structures of R5Ni2In4 and R11Ni4In9 (R = Tb and Ho): strong hierarchy in the temperature dependence of the magnetic ordering in the multiple rare-earth sublattices

Appearance of metastable B2 phase during solidification of Ni50Zr50 alloy: electrostatic levitation and molecular dynamics simulation studies

Full self-consistency versus quasiparticle self-consistency in diagrammatic approaches: exactly solvable two-site Hubbard model

Directing Anisotropic Assembly of Metallic Nanoclusters by Exploiting Linear Trio Interactions and Quantum Size Effects: Au Chains on Ag(100) Thin Films

The Mechanisms for Nanoparticle Surface Diffusion and Chain Self-Assembly Determined from Real-Time Nanoscale Kinetics in Liquid


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