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The Ames Laboratory storeroom stock is available for withdrawl to all Ames Laboratory personnel. Stock must be used for "Ames Laboratory funded or overhead projects" and may only be charged to a project which is "open" to charges in Costpoint. New employees - - your supervisor will give you a business size card with the project number which you are authorized to charge to and which will allow you to withdraw stock from the storeroom.

National Academies workshop to probe chemistry of critical materials

Image Currently the United States imports nearly all its required supply of critical materials, pressing scientists to find alternatives to these rare materials. In answer to these research demands, the Chemical Sciences Roundtable - an arm of the National Academy of Sciences - will hold a workshop exploring the role of chemical sciences in finding alternatives to critical resources. Pat Thiel, Ames Laboratory senior chemist and a member of the Roundtable, is a co-chair for the workshop.

Ames Lab plays prominent role in 13th International Workshop on Vortex Matter in Superconductors

Image Ames Laboratory played a prominent role in the 13th International Workshop on Vortex Matter in Superconductors, held ealier this month in Chicago. Ames Lab was one of the sponsors, senior physicist Ruslan Prozorov was on of the co-organizers and physicists Vladimir Kogan and John Clem were recognized for their contributions to the field.


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