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Citrate Key in Bone's Nanostructure

Bone is one of nature's surprising “building materials.  Pound-for-pound it's stronger than steel, tough yet resilient.  Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory have identified the composition that gives bone its outstanding properties and the important role citrate plays, work that may help science better understand and treat or prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Australian Lab Rep Checks Out Ames Lab's Safety Program

The quality assurance manager of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory made a special stop in Ames during a trip to the U.S., visiting the Ames Laboratory to check out the Lab's safety program, due in large part to the Lab being named a 2010 Industry Leader Award winner for safety.  Bernadette O'Keefe, who attended the World Quality Assurance Program in Pittsburgh, was in Ames May 25 and also planned to tour the National Animal Disease Center. Image

Who You Gonna Call? The MPC!

It’s not unusual, particularly for a researcher new to Ames Lab, to encounter a situation where they need a specialized piece of equipment or to perform a technique that’s unfamiliar, or that might require a material or compound that’s not readily available. Where do you turn? Who do you call?

Well, Ames Laboratory’s Materials Preparation Center Director Larry Jones hopes you check with him or other members of his staff.


State of the Lab: Positive Outlook

Despite ongoing Congressional battles over the federal budget, the overall outlook for the Ames Laboratory is positive, according to Ames Lab Director Alex King, who talked about the reach of the Lab’s research, funding, reorganization of research efforts, infrastructure and people during his annual State of the Lab address on May 24. Image


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