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Ames Lab technology being commercialized

Ames Laboratory technology is being developed commercially by two former graduate research assistants who hope to make Iowa the source for titanium powder used for manufacturing a variety of products from aerospace components to medical implants. In this Innovation article, Joel Rieken and Andy Heidloff talk about their training at Ames Laboratory and how they hope to commercialize titanium processing through their startup company, Iowa Powder Atomization Technologies.

Ames Laboratory's Travesset featured in Science

New processes that allow nanoparticles to assemble themselves into designer materials could solve some of today's technology challenges, Alex Travesset of Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory reports in the Oct. 14 issue of the journal Science.

Go to the Science article or read the ISU News Service news release Iowa State, Ames Lab physicist says nanoparticle assembly is like building with LEGOs.


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