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Soaking up a potential slip

Cathy Long, custodian, is September’s Safety Hero for identifying a slip hazard.

  • STOP: Long noticed water on the floor in Spedding hall, which could make the floor slippery.
  • THINK: Concerned about a slip hazard, Long contacted ESH&A to help investigate the source of the moisture on the floor.
  • CHECK: The source of the moisture was found to be from ice melting off liquid nitrogen dewars used in the DNP-NMR lab. Water leaked into the hallway when a container designed to collect the melted ice overflowed.


After-school scientist

On any given day at Ames High School, you could easily find senior Francesca Spencer involved in All-State Choir or madrigal practice or practice for the December musical, but once the final school bell rings, Spencer’s music takes a backseat to her after-school job working as an investigator-of-sorts in David Baldwin’s office at Ames Laboratory.


Portraits project gives new meaning to scientific modeling

Usually when we talk about scientific modeling around the Ames Laboratory, we’re talking about the science: using visual, mathematical, or operational methods to better understand the chemical and physical properties of our world. But this spring  professional photographer Shauna Stephenson invited our scientists to model in an entirely different sense, for the camera.

The resulting fifteen portraits were unveiled at a reception held at Ames Laboratory on Oct. 14, 2015. Read more to see some photos from the unveiling reception and you can see all the images by clicking on the booklet cover at right.




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