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Bike Walk Drive SMART is a campaign to increase safety through respect. This presentation will explain how respect plays a role in daily interactions between cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers and how safety can be improved through simple behavioral changes.

Chemical Storage

This course is designed to provide safety information on safe chemical storage methods.  The user will learn how to correctly label chemical containers, store incompatible chemicals safely, and identify proper storage of flammable liquids. 


10:00am:  Meet, greet and eat

10:30am – 11:30am:  Presentations

  • Confessions of a career safety professional.  What 27 years of compliance has taught me about safety and people. 

Presented by Bill Diesslin, Associate Director, Iowa State University, Environmental Health and Safety

Solving the Biomass Puzzle

Biomass holds great promise as a petroleum replacement, but unlocking its true potential remains a puzzle. A group of researchers at Iowa State University and the U.S Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory hope to develop the pieces of that puzzle to create a clearer picture of what takes place within a plant and how that applies to its downstream uses as biomass. (5/11/2016)

Secretary of Energy Moniz discusses Iowa’s role in energy independence

Ames Tribune staff writer Austin Harrington sat down with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on Friday to talk about energy in Iowa and the role of Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University in helping addresses energy needs in both the state and the nation. Moniz was in Ames on May 6 for the dedication of the new Sensitive Instrument Facility and was also the speaker for Iowa State University's commencement exercises on Saturday, May 7.



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