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Making Stuff


Ames Laboratory is taking its show on the road, so to speak, from December 2010 through April 2011 as a coalition partner in the prestigious “Making Stuff†program.

Towards Mechanochemical Preparation of AlH3

Although the properties of aluminum hydride (alane), AlH3, namely its high hydrogen content (10 wt.%) and low decomposition temperature (~80oC) are well-suited for hydrogen storage, convenient methods to prepare this hydride at reasonable hydrogen pressures are yet to be found. Recently, electrochemical (Savannah River) and supercritical fluid (Universities of Hawaii and New Brunswick) approaches offered some hope despite low yields, which were less than 1%.

Mechanochemically Driven Non-equilibrium Processes in Amide - Binary Complex Hydride Systems

Mechanochemical transformations of lithium and sodium amides with calcium hydride taken in
different molar ratios lead to the formation of calcium imide, alkali metal monohydrides and
gaseous hydrogen.  In all cases, the overall mechanochemical transformations are equimolar and proceed as one step reactions: MNH2 + CaH2 → CaNH + MH + H2, where M = Li or Na. If the concentrations of starting materials are different from equimolar, then the component whose

Small Business Program

It is the policy and practice of The Ames Laboratory to provide small businesses the maximum practicable opportunity to compete and be awarded subcontracts.

Ames Laboratory procures goods and services consistent with DOE's Small Business policies. This includes small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small businesses, veteran-owned and service-disable veteran-owned small businesses and HUBZone certified businesses.

The Ames Laboratory is always searching for small businesses which:


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