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Multi-matrix, dual polarity, tandem mass spectrometry imaging strategy applied to a germinated maize seed: toward mass spectrometry imaging of an untargeted metabolome

Application of scanning angle Raman spectroscopy for determining the location of buried polymer interfaces with tens of nanometer precision

Effect of hydrothermal condition on the formation of multi-component oxides of Ni-based metallic glass under high temperature water near the critical point

Tailorable Zero-Phase Delay of Subwavelength Particles toward Miniaturized Wave Manipulation Devices

Cerium: An Unlikely Replacement of Dysprosium in High Performance Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets

Structural and dynamical properties of liquid Ag74Ge26 alloy studied by experiments and ab initio molecular dynamics simulation

The nano-microfibrous R11Ni4In9 intermetallics: New compounds and extraordinary anisotropy in Tb11Ni4In9 and Dy11Ni4In9


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