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Iowa Powder Atomization Technologies wins John Pappajohn Iowa Business Plan Competition

Iowa Powder Atomization Technologies, a start-up company based on technology developed at the Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, has won the 2012 John Pappajohn Iowa Business Plan Competition. The competition honors top business plans of companies in business for four years or less, with an aim of stimulating business development. The prize includes $25,000 in seed money.

Spring 2013 - Synthesis of Nanstructured Materials

The physical properties and performance of materials depends on their structure as much as their composition. For example, a relatively minor change in interface chemistry improves the power efficiency of a prototype PbS quantum dot-based solar cell by an order of magnitude.

Despite this premise and the remarkable advances in materials processing and chemistry, we still cannot design and manufacture materials with a monodisperse and controllable micro- and nano-structure in a way that is scalable, versatile, inexpensive and practical.

Spring 2013 - Catalysts

Developing a Sustainable Catalyst Toolbox

Work in the Woo Group is directed towards developing green chemistry approaches to catalytic reactions and sustainable technologies. Students will learn and engage in practices that develop more economical and greener processes by utilizing environmentally friendly transition metal complexes and solvents as substitutes for commonly used heavy metal compounds and organic media.

Spring 2013 - Raman Spectroscopy Analyses of Biomass

The main objective of the Smith research group is to demonstrate Raman spectroscopy analyses of biomass, enzymatic catalysis, and thin films. This objective is accomplished through a combination of analytical measurements, instrument and method development. Our work supports the use of biomass as a feedstock for renewable fuels and commodity chemicals through rapid, non-invasive characterization of biomass composition and conversion.


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