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Quantum control of magnetism

We seek motivated undergraduates in our lab to address an outstanding and cross-cutting challenge of condensed matter/chemical/biological physics: how to achieve quantum control of magnetism and reveal highly non-equilibrium, “thermodynamically hidden” orders during femtosecond timescales? One example is a new paradigm discovered by our group called quantum femtosecond magnetism—fs magnetic and electronic phase transitions driven by quantum spin flucations and laser-excited inter-atomic coherences (T. Li, et al., Nature, 496, 69, 2013).

Nanostructured materials

"We develop high surface nanostructured materials, functionalized with multiple organic and inorganic groups to make smart multitasking nanoparticles. We employ these nanomaterials to various fields such as catalysis, CO2 capture and conversion, environmental remediation as well as biomedical research and biotechnology.

Ames Laboratory leads with new cutting edge NMR technology

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Ames Laboratory has announced that it will acquire a Dynamic Nuclear Polarization-NMR spectrometer, a giant step forward in the laboratory’s world-class solid state NMR capabilities. The Ames Laboratory’s instrument will be the first of its kind to be focused on materials and materials chemistry in the United States.

Keep your cyber guard up

Image Ames Laboratory employees should always be on guard against possible cyber-attacks and practice good computer security measures but on Aug. 12-15 a little extra vigilance would be advisable. A team of DOE cyber security experts will be on site checking network security as part of the Safeguards and Security review.


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