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Insider Vol. 1, Issue 4

The April 1990 issue of Insider featured a story on Ames Laboratory employees volunteering their time and expertise to help Iowa State students build a solar car. Former associate director for operations Rollie Struss is shown on the cover taking the car for a spin. (Be sure to check out that young guy in the dark jacket just behind Struss.)


Stephens receives Cytation Award

Ames Laboratory Systems Support Specialist IV Doug Stephens received a 2015 Iowa State University Cytation Award which is presented to ISU Professional and Scientific staff in recognition of individual achievements above and beyond the call of duty, and/or extraordinary performance, or acts in such a way as to make a notable difference in the institution.  READ MORE


Ames Laboratory scientists create cheaper magnetic material for cars, wind turbines

Karl A. Gschneidner and fellow scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory have created a new magnetic alloy—a potential replacement for high-performance permanent magnets found in automobile engines and wind turbines--eliminates the use of one of the scarcest and costliest rare earth elements, dysprosium, and instead uses cerium, the most abundant rare earth.


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