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Benzene Selectivity in Competitive Arene Hydrogenation: Effects of Single-Site Catalyst center dot center dot center dot Acidic Oxide Surface Binding Geometry

Single-crystal X-ray diffraction and resonant X-ray magnetic scattering at helium-3 temperatures in high magnetic fields at beamline P09 at PETRA III

Oxygen trapped by rare earth tetrahedral clusters in Nd4FeOS6: Crystal structure, electronic structure, and magnetic properties

Magnetic and magnetothermal properties, and the magnetic phase diagram of single-crystal holmium along the easy magnetization direction

Solute-solute correlations responsible for the prepeak in structure factors of undercooled Al-rich liquids: a molecular dynamics study

Magnetic structures of R5Ni2In4 and R11Ni4In9 (R = Tb and Ho): strong hierarchy in the temperature dependence of the magnetic ordering in the multiple rare-earth sublattices


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