Robert Angelici Group

As an Emeritus Professor and Senior Chemist in the Ames Laboratory, Angelici collaborates with other faculty members on two projects:

I. Organometallic Chemistry-Inspired Heterogeneous Catalysis

Young-Jin Lee Group Page

Plant Metabolite Imaging

We are developing mass spectrometric imaging techniques to map metabolite distributions within plant tissues, and eventually among individual plant cells. Mass spectrometry not only allows positive identification of the many metabolites but can also reveal the substrates and precursors involved in each metabolic pathway.

Emily Smith Group

Detailed Research Interests

Emily Smith Group

Research Interests

Laue X-ray System


Laue X-ray Camera

Phillips PW1830 X-ray

Czochralski Crystal Growth System

Thermal Tech Cz Crystal Growth Furnace

Thermal Tech Czochralski Crystal Growth Furnace

REM Handling Procedures

Below are recommended handling procedurs for the Rare Earth Metals.  Keep in mind that these procedures are intened for very high purity metals, and alternative procedures may exiist or be better suited to your facilities capabilities.  Please consult with your safety officer(s) before employing any of these procedures. The procedures are groupe by element: 

(La, Ce, Pr & Nd), (Sc, Y, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm and Lu), (Sm & Yb), and Eu