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SULI goes year-round

With the launch of the inaugural fall program this month, Ames Laboratory's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Intern (SULI) program is now offered year-round. The fall program has five students from colleges around the country and brings to 163 the total number of SULI students who have been mentored by Ames Lab and ISU scientists.



CMI grand opening set for Sept. 10

Image Even though its research is already underway, the Critical Materials Institute will be officially launched with a grand opening celebration on Tuesday, Sept. 10 on the steps of Willhelm Hall. The CMI is one of the Department of Energy's Energy Innovation Hubs and the event will include speakers from DOE, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University and the CMI.

Graphene may shed new light on terahertz metamaterials and plasmonics

Could graphene – a one-layer thick sheet of carbon atoms – be the ingredient needed for super-efficient solar harvesting with metamaterials? Or for “light on wire” plasmonic data transmission? In the Aug. 9 issue of Science, Ames Laboratory physicists Costas Soukoulis, Philippe Tassin, and Thomas Koschny discuss the potential and challenges of using graphene in metamaterials and plasmonics in terahertz applications, which operate at frequencies between microwave and infrared waves.

Graphene for metamaterials

Ames Lab's Sensitive Instrument Facility to be built

Plans are being finalized for construction of a new Ames Laboratory research facility that will house current and next generation sensitive instruments such as electron and scanning probe microscopes.  These instruments allow for detailed description of materials at the atomic level to aid in the discovery and design of novel materials.  The nearly $10 million project is being funded through the DOE's Office of Science. Image


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