Electrochemistry at the Air-Water Interface

2D Crystallization of a Pigment Array Contiguous to a Langmuir Monolayer for Light Harvesting Antenna

Wei Bu

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  • Classification: Graduate student
  • Major: Physics

Ames Laboratory:

Dan Stone

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  • Classification: Senior/4th Year Undergraduate
  • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • Minor: Biology

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  • College of Engineering Honors Program

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David Vaknin

 David Vaknin

Physicist - Ames Lab - USDOE

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Standard operating procedure with chloroform in the Monolayer Lab and the X-Ray Lab (B36-B37, B39)

Chloroform will be mainly used to prepare solutions of organic materials (lipids, fatty-acids, polymers, proteins etc.). The solutions will be prepared and manipulated under a ventilated hood. The solutions will be labeled and kept in a refrigerator, and waste materials will be collected in waste bottles that will be appropriately labeled and disposed of according to the regulations at the Ames Laboratory.

Important Safety and General Phone Numbers

Safety Procedures in the X-ray Lab (B37) and in the Monolayer Lab (B39)

Any independent user that wishes to operate the X-ray reflectometer and generator in room B37-B36, and B39 Spedding must read this form and fulfill the Ames Lab as well as the specific requirements of the group.

General Requirements
Complete the following safety training modules:

Handling and Disposing of Hazardous Waste for Users of the X-ray Reflectometer in B37 Spedding

In experiments that involve liquid surfaces, the use of solvents and carcinogens is inevitable. The user should follow the following procedures:

  1. All operations, excluding spreading the films should be performed under a ventilated hood.
  2. All the waste will be collected in a labeled bottle, and the label should be filled every time waste is produced.
  3. The bottle should be delivered to ES&H every month.
  4. Keep the bottle in a secondary container.
  5. All the chemicals should be kept in the appropriate storage under the hood.

GPEXTEND library for use with GENPLOT

The GPEXTEND library is intended to make the creation of GENPLOT functions used for fitting easier.

Additional Documentation:

Creating user functions in GENPLOT using "gpextend.lib"

What GPEXTEND does....

Research Group Leader
Safety Representative
David Vaknin Office: (515) 294-6023
Collaborator Alex Travesset Office: (515) 294-7191
Safety Coordinator Serguei Budko Office: (515) 294-3986
Emergency 911 911
Emergency Guard (515) 294-5511
General Safety ES&H (515) 294-7921