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May is Bike to Work Month

Image  May is National Bike to Work Month, May 14-18 is Bike to Work Week and May 18 is Bike to Work Day. For Ames Lab employees who commit to ride for even a day, there'll be a special incentive ... besides the fact that you'll be helping reduce the Lab's carbon footprint and getting some beneficial exercise. There's even a team competition for the more dedicated riders.

Magnet research makes New York Times

New York Times reporter Jim Witkin writes about efforts to develop new types of magnets for use in hybrid and electric vehicles, including research by Ames Lab senior metallurgist Bill McCallum who is working to develop a rare-earth magnet that uses more abundant cerium in place of neodymium. McCallum's work is being funded through a recent grant by ARPA-E, the Department of Energy's advanced research agency.


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