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Iowa State, Ames Lab researchers invent new tool to study single biological molecules

By blending optical and atomic force microscope technologies, Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory researchers have found a way to complete 3-D measurements of single biological molecules with unprecedented accuracy and precision. Existing technologies allow researchers to measure single molecules on the x and y axes of a 2-D plane. The new technology allows researchers to make height measurements (the z axis) down to the nanometer – just a billionth of a meter – without custom optics or special surfaces for the samples.

Video "library" continues to grow

Ames Laboratory's list of videos continues to expand on YouTube and on our own website.  The latest Ames Lab 101 video features Bill McCallum talking about his ARPA-E-funded work on replacing neodymium in rare-earth magnets with more readily available cerium. You can also watch historical videos on the Ames Project and the Hot Canyon. Image


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