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Synthesis of organolanthanide compounds for catalysis

We are developing new f element compounds as catalysts for a number of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions as part of the Critical Materials Institute Energy HUB. Our ultimate goal is to discover new catalysts for important processes, such as hydrocarbon functionalization, carbon-nitrogen bond formation, oxygen-transfer, and hydrogenation. Students working on this project will learn about synthetic organolanthanide chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, heterogenous catalysis, and high throughput methods in chemistry.

Catalytic Hydrodeoxyation

We are developing organometallic compounds to act as catalysts for conversion of biomass and biorenewable materials. Generally, the compounds, materials, and catalysts used for conversion of reduced petroleum feedstocks are not appropriate for the highly oxygenated biologically-derived materials. Instead, water soluble, moderately reduced metal centers are needed for alcohol, ester, ether and carboxylate activation.


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