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Frank Spedding featured in IPR show on Iowa Inventors

Ames Laboratory's founding director, Frank Spedding was one of several Iowa inventors featured on Iowa Public Radio's Sept. 24  River to River program. Host Ben Keiffer talked about a number of Iowa inventors, including John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry, Inventors of the first digital computer, the "ABC computer;" George Gallup, creator of the Gallup poll; and Otto Frederick Rohwedder, inventor of the sliced bread machine.

Magnetics Magazine carries story on magnet alternative research

Magnetics Magazine carried a press release on work by Ames Laboratory's Matt Kramer to develop a new material based on manganese as a rare-earth-free alternative to permanent magnets that contain neodymium and dysprosium. These manganese composite magnets hold the potential to double magnetic strength relative to current magnets while using raw materials, such as iron, cobalt, chrome and nickel that are abundant and less expensive than current permanent-magnet materials.

Ames Laboratory signs memorandum of understanding with Japanese energy and industrial technology R&D organization

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory and New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a Japanese energy and industrial technology R&D organization, signed a memorandum of understanding today to promote cooperation between the two agencies in rare-earth and critical-materials research.

SULI goes year-round

With the launch of the inaugural fall program this month, Ames Laboratory's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Intern (SULI) program is now offered year-round. The fall program has five students from colleges around the country and brings to 163 the total number of SULI students who have been mentored by Ames Lab and ISU scientists.




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