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The Ames Project (1942-1946)

The Ames Laboratory was officially founded on May 17, 1947, following development of a process to purify uranium metal for the historic Manhattan Project.  From 1942 to 1946, Ames Lab scientists produced over two-million pounds of uranium metal.  This video details that work and has interviews with some of the researchers involved in the project.

Ames Lab 101: Rare-earth Magnets

Ames Laboratory senior scientist Bill McCallum talks about controlling the element cerium for use in rare-earth magnets. McCallum is working to develop a rare-earth magnet that uses more abundant cerium in place of neodymium. McCallum's work is being funded through a recent grant by ARPA-E, the Department of Energy's advanced research agency.

Critical Materials Institute

The Ames Laboratory Director Alex King talks about the goals of the Critical Materials Institute in diversifying the supply of critical materials, developing substitute materials, developing tools and techniques for recycling critical materials, and forecasting materials needs to avoid future shortages.


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