Rigaku X-Ray Diffractometer

Rigaku X-Ray Diffractometer

  • 4K to 300K @ 3T
  • 1000°C to room

PANalytical X-pert Pro

PANalytical X-Pert Pro Diffraction System

  • XCelerator Detector
  • Furnace Stage
  • X-Y-Z-Psi-Phi stage
  • Sample Spinner


Graphic Services can produce postcards and fliers and other materials in a variety of sizes and styles. We'll work with you to produce just the right product for your particular need.

Here are a few examples of materials we've produced:


Graphic Services

Graphic Services supports the design, printing and production needs of the Ames Laboratory, the Institute for Physical Research and Technology, and Iowa State University. Services include:



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Creating user functions in GENPLOT using "gpextend.lib"

Each user function contains several files.  For this reason I suggest creating a directory for each function under the following path:

A collection of template files (which can be copied into a new directory and then edited to create a new function) is located in:


fitref.5 - Reflectivity Fitting for C-Plot

The following is a comprehensive set of notes describing how I wrote the original version of fitref.5.c.  I've included any relavent code to further explain how it was written.
-- Michael Kelley

Example for Writing User 5 Functions in C-Plot

What is gaussian.5.c?

gaussian.5.c is a fully functioning example for a C-Plot level 5 user function. It was written from a modified version of fitref.5.c. There is a comprehensive set of notes explaining how I wrote fitref.5.c.

The file is written to be easily modified. Places that need to be changed are marked with a !!!--!!! comment on the right side of the file.

Template for Writing User 4 Functions in C-Plot

What is template.4.c?

template_4.c is a fully functioning example for a C-Plot level 4 user function. It uses C-Plot macros defined in p_funct.h which is included with C-Plot. See ref1.4.c for an example.

Function Specifics:

The program contains four functions: