Amy J. Tehan

Program Coordinator
Human Resources
Area(s) of Expertise/Responsibility
Training, Document Control, Records Management

151 TASF


2002 MFRC-funded Projects

Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry of Forensic Glass Samples
David Baldwin, Sam Houk, and Stan Bajic, Ames Laboratory

2003 MFRC-funded Projects

Validation of Y-PLEX 12 Amplification Kit for use in Forensic Casework

 William E. Frank, Illinois State Police Forensic Science Command

2004 MFRC-funded Projects


Ultra-Fast Gradient Elution HPLC as a High Throughput, High Information Content Screening Tool for Drugs of Abuse
Peter W. Carr, University of Minnesota

Hydrogen Analyzer Hot Vacuum Extraction System

Hydrogen AnalyzerHydrogen Analyzer Hot Vacuum Extraction System

Used to analyze metals and alloys for hydrogen and deuterium. This instrument has been fitted with a residual gas analyzer (RGA) to analyze to composition of the evolved gases.

Leco CS-444 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator

Leco CS-444Carbon/Sulfur DeterminatorLeco CS-444 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator

 A microprocessor-based instrument that can perform a wide range of measurements to simultaneously determine the carbon and sulfur content of metals, ores, ceramics and other inorganic materials.