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Universal Dynamical Decoupling of a Single Solid-state Spin from a Spin Bath

We studied and implemented for the first time dynamical decoupling on a single solid-state spin, the spin of a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond, and prolonged its coherence time by a factor of 25. Besides its fundamental importance, this achievement constitutes an important advance towards manipulating matter at the level of single spins and opens new possibilities for highly sensitive magnetic sensors, and possibly for qubits for larger scale quantum information processing.

Genetic Algorithm for Grain Boundary and Crystal Structure Predictions

We developed a global structure optimization method, genetic algorithm, for an efficient prediction of grain- boundary structures. Using this method, we predicted the most stable structures and a number of low-energy metastable structures for Si[001] symmetric tilted grain boundaries with various tilted angles. We show that most of the grain-boundary structures can be described by the structural unit model with the units being the dislocation cores and perfect-crystal fragments (see Fig. 1).


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