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Cyber Fed Model Application in support of DOE Cyber Security Initiatives - Ames Participation

FWP/Project Description: 

The Cyber Fed Model (CFM) is a communication and coordination framework focused on the reduction and mitigation of cyber security risk across a large distributed organization like the Department of Energy. The CFM framework can be used to help integrate various cyber security systems and capabilities spanning the DOE enterprise, the United States Government and portions of the nation’s critical infrastructure. Primary capabilities include:

  • Providing a near real-time exchange of actionable cyber security alerts and associated situational awareness information across the DOE complex.
  • Improving the defensive posture (perimeter protection) of individual sites to current threats.
  • Supporting the inter-agency exchange of cyber threat information to include critical infrastructure.
  • Supporting Information Sharing Architecture (ISA) data exchange standards for information exchange

Talking money with your teenager

If you are the parent of teenagers, it might be tough to have a sustained conversation with them about anything, let alone talking about a weighty topic like money. Still, they’ll benefit from some sit-down conversations about saving and spending. Teenagers face growing expenses, more autonomy, and a wider range of options, and they need to understand that handling money intelligently is a part of growing up.


Safety Day puts focus on employee safety

On Oct. 22, Ames Laboratory held a day-long Operation Safety event, putting a focus on raising employee safety awareness. The event, which drew 140 employees, included a keynote presentation on Human Safety Performance by former Ames Laboratory safety manager Jim Withers who now serves in a similar capacity at Danfoss. There was also a series of  rotating morning workshops on Fire Safety, First Aid, Emergency Procedures and Identifying Suspicious Behaviors with the afternoon devoted to  independent safety assessments and corrections, and housekeeping.



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