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Nanocatalysts at Work

A new computational materials chemistry method quantitatively details the behavior of alloyed nanocatalysts under working conditions.  Catalysts can undergo a variety of changes induced by the chemical environment in which they operate.  A nanocatalyst’s surface composition depends on the overall composition of the catalyst and its local chemical environment.  Scientists showcased the power of their method using a 50:50 palladium-rhodium catalyst in an oxygen environment.  Without any oxygen, a palladium shell forms; conversely, with oxygen present rhodium elbows palladium out of the way t

Happy Holidays

For Ames Laboratory's holiday greeting this year, Public Affair videographer Brian Marczewski created an animated construction scene of the Sensitive Instrument Facility that concludes with a decorated tree hoisted atop the building that morphs into the Ames Laboratory logo. Check it out!


Are you S.A.D?


Gloomy, cold winter weather can make you sad but also contribute to SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder. Find out more about the "winter blues" and what you can do to combat  that sluggish feeling.


Live Healthy Iowa begins Jan. 26

Join thousands of Iowans in Live Healthy Iowa’s 10 Week Wellness Challenge.  This simple and affordable challenge provides Iowans an opportunity to improve their health while engaging in a fun, friendly competition. Over the course of 10 weeks, teams (2-10 people) track activity minutes and/or weight loss through the Live Healthy Iowa website.  Each team member has a personal online dashboard to report and monitor progress and access valuable resources



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