MFRC Hosts Iowa Commissioner of Public Safety


MFRC Receives an Important Visitor


Congressman Tom Latham was definitely among friends when he visited the Ames Laboratory on August 18 to talk to members of the Midwest Forensics Resource Center. The MFRC was sponsoring a one-day workshop entitled, "Innovations in Infrastructure for Crime Laboratories," and Congressman Latham was one of the speakers at the workshop.

MFRC Holds Fourth Annual Meeting

Glamourless Work in Pursuit of the Truth

MFRC Receives Additional Funding

The Midwest Forensics Resource Center at Ames Laboratory will receive an additional $3 million in federal funding, according to a recent announcement by U.S. Representative Tom Latham.

Midwest Forensics Resource Center to Receive $3 Million

Forensic Educators, Criminalists Meet


Midwest Forensics Resource Center Holds Third Annual Meeting and Experts Discuss Specter of Agro-Terrorist Threat

Rural Law Enforcement Speaks Out

Congressman Tom Latham Announces $5 Million for Ames Lab Initiatives