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Ames Laboratory’s Thiel Winner of 2014 Welch Award

Pat Thiel has been named the 2014 winner of the AVS Medard W. Welch Award, which recognizes outstanding research in the fields of materials, interfaces and processing. Thiel, who is a faculty scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory and a Distinguished Professor of chemistry at Iowa State University, is recognized for her “seminal contributions to the understanding of quasicrystalline surfaces and thin-film nucleation and growth.”

Band Gap Narrowing of Titanium Oxide Semiconductors by noncomensated Anion-Cation Codoping for Enhanced Visible-Light

"Noncompensated n-p codoping" is established as an enabling concept for enhancing the visible-light photoactivity of TiO2 by narrowing its band gap.  The concept embodies two crucial ingredients: The electrostatic attraction within the n-p dopant pair enhances both the thermodynamic and kinetic solubilities, and the noncompensated nature ensure the creation of tunable intermediate bands that effectively narrow the band gap.  The concept is demonstrated using first-principles calculations, and is validated by direct measurement o


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