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Aljazeera story on rare earths features Alex King

Aljazeera America recently did a story on the demand and scarcity of rare-earth metals and spoke to Ames Laboratory scientist and Critical Materials Institute Director Alex King. The video also features stock footage from Ames Laboratory on rare earth recycling efforts underway as part of CMI research to reduce dependence on rare earths and diversify supplies.

Click HERE to watch the video story.


Deputy Secretary visits Ames Laboratory

Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall visited Ames Laboratory on Friday, June 12th. During her visit, Sherwood-Randall met with Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University administration, toured two research laboratories and met with Critical Materials Insitute Director Alex King, made an all-hands address, and met with students, scientists and community leaders in a roundtable discussion. Photos from the visit appear below.


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