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Purple Path toward High Temperature Superconductivity?

Discovery of an unconventional charge density wave (CDW) in purple bronze, a molybdenum oxide, points to a possible new pathway to high temperature superconductivity. A CDW is a state of matter where electrons bunch together periodically, like a standing wave of light or water. CDWs and superconductivity are frenemies, since they share a common origin and often coexist, yet compete for dominance.

Performance Evaluation 2016

Myths of Retirement

More and more financial advisors are recommending that women plan for their retirement savings to get them to age 100 or older.  I would suggest women plan on 110 years old just to be on the safe side.  Better to not spend it all than to run out.  Sometimes, by knowing what not to do, you can keep yourself on the right track. Check out these common myths about retirement, and make any needed adjustments to how you manage your accounts.



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